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Hello Lewisca here. Welcome to Restaurant City Ghost Town.
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Tommy's History {includes the story "Wedding Bells"}

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Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith
Welcoming Committee
Welcoming Committee

Let me tell a tale of myself fishing


I used to live in a world of Cafes (looking right at you, Cafe World frown) It was a horrid neighborhood, with some random girl full of freckles chasing after me. I think she likes me Surprised but she looked horrible, I will never ever like her. But thats another story whistle Anyways here's her picture.

Tommy's History {includes the story "Wedding Bells"} Lens7968321_1259024102cafe_world

So, one day my family members decided to move to some place in Restaurant City (at least much much better than some world of cafes Very Happy ) and I was so happy Very Happy

Tommy's History {includes the story "Wedding Bells"} DeliveryVan

The delivery van fetched us there and I saw...

Tommy's History {includes the story "Wedding Bells"} Twitter_chef_new

I think it was love at first sight love Hehe...

Chapter two

So Tommy fall in love with Maggie Fisher and Maggie saw that he sells ingredients that was perfect for the players and fall in love with him... then Fisher knew a Frolly that was beautiful full with Cherry blossom,koi pond,japanese garden ponds it was romantic Then the hideous girl off Cafe world saw them SO mad she went she attempt to kill Maggie but tommy luckily uses his carrots ...threw it hit Amelia (the girl off cafe world) she struggled but threw the knife ........guess who comes?? GOURMET KING then the king offered Amelia a bag (inside was a snake) *thanks dear* (gourmet kings chuckles) *snakes comes out* Amelia then freaked ans screamed,ran away and all of them said this: RC IS BETTER THAN CAFE WORLD forum is nicer and look everyone is protective of everyone than Maggie became head chef, Tommy- ing boy gourmet king- gift of all =rc santa hehe

Wedding Time~ Silver bells,champagne open

Tommy:Ooooo I cannot wait to be proposed to Fruit Queen maggie

Fruit Queen:Tommy so handsome

Tommy:Wait I already proposed to her it's marriage!

Amelia (the creepy girl from cafe world): NO NO I AM TAKING TOMMY

Both Maggie,Tommy arrived at the church decorated by the forum members..
then they did all the vows etc... suddenly a motor vooooooomed outside and Amelia dashed spill orange juice on maggie!!! Tommy got so mad he grabbed the juice and threw it on Amelia......guess what?? she covered her face her disguise came off she was hideous!! the witch of broken marriages!! ooo what gonna happen now?

Then Amelia with her witchy powers turns Restaurant City into Cafe World! Tommy was shocked and begged for Amelia to turn it back otherwise he cannot sell his expensive fruits, vegetables and spices. Amelia just laughed. Fruit Queen Maggie used her fruity tutti power and transformed Amelia into a peach.

Tommy said, "You peach! I am going to eat you if you don't turn things back the way it is."

Amelia: Follow me back to cafe world, tommy!
Tommy: Never! -signals to Maggie- Let's get away from this mad women!
Maggie: -in a daze- umm... can i pick up my fruits first?
Tommy: -rolls eyes- theres no time for thaT!! cant you see that ugly @#$%!%^&&* in front of you??
Maggie: Whateva you say

Maggie Transformed herself back into normal Maggie, which also means Amelia is back to Normal & left with Tommy all of a sudden Amelia grabs Maggie and Maggie tripped on Tommy who tripped on the priest.

Tommy: Amelia You !
Amelia: You what? HAHAHAHA! Your mine Tommy!

All of a suddden Amelia grabs Tommy and pulls her into the motorcycle, just as Tommy was about to wake up Amelia knocked her out. Amelia brought Tommy to a door with 5 Locks & locked him out in all


Luckily, Tommy had his iPhone on, and as the motorbike peeled away from the church, it occured to Maggie that she could track down Tommy. Taking out her Galaxy Note, she spotted Tommy in a warehouse at the back of Random Street. It used to be an ingredients supply shop, but Amelia had secretly bought over the land and prepared for this day.

Meanwhile, Tommy fiddled his locks, searching for a way out. He muttered a string of crude words directed at Amelia.

Amelia: -from outside- I HEARD THAT!!!
Tommy: Let me OUT!! YOU -scolds colorful vocabulary-

All of a sudden Maggie appeared in the middle of Amelia & Tommy yelling, Amelia looked at Maggie fiercely and Maggie started to run, when Amelia was about to catch her she got elbowed, all of a sudden Amelia's eyes turned red and she ran faster than the speed of light. Maggie was freeing Tommy, she went into the cage to get Tommy. Amelia started pushing the cage and they ran for it. Tommy made it. Maggie didn't

Amelia: Im tired of being boring, lame, unliked & (Rainbows)
Tommy: Well to bad (Unicorns)

All of a sudden Amelia attacked Tommy. he was brought in another room, this time Amelia was planning to Hang him on the rope of death devil

ommy: NOOOOO!!

Tommy screamed as the noose came into his view. His fate was sealed. What was a happy wedding has been destroyed by a madwomen. No! It can't just end like that! He swung a hand, hitting into Amelia's face. With a cry, blood started gushing from her nose. She looked at the blood and fainted. Tommy locked her in a spare cage after stuffing a lot of

Tommy's History {includes the story "Wedding Bells"} KoreanKimchi


in her mouthand threw the key into the fireplace.

Maggie was then rescued by Tommy :p

Few months later Tommy still has not married Maggie yet after what Amelia had done. Not only was that perfect wedding spoilt but Maggie is currently suffering from post traumatic stress not to mention her PMS. Tommy used all his money for that wedding and is now kaput due to Amelia. Now he lives in a small wooden house which is a wooden extension from his Restaurant City stall that sells very expensive stuffs that people won't buy much.

Anyways... Tommy washed some clothes and hung alot of underwears to dry in the sun. There are black, red, white and blue underwears hanging. Suddenly, somebody used a metal bat and hit Tommy's head. Tommy felt very dizzy and totally blacked out. It was Amelia! (Not sure how she escaped from the cage).

When Tommy woke up he still felt a little dizzy and saw Food King staring at him.

Food King: "Are you okay Tommy boy?"

Tommy ignored Food King because he suddenly discovered that somebody has stolen the hanging underwear especially the black ones!

Tommy: "Oh my God! Somebody stole most of the black underwear! I bet its that creep Amelia again."

Food King: "What? You mean she stold my underwear which I let you washed?"

Amelia suddenly popped out from where she was hiding and screamed, "WHAT!? THIS IS FOOD KING'S UNDERWEAR? Eewwwuuuu.....!!!!"

Then Food King spotted Amelia and shouted, "There's Amelia! Grab her Tommy! Grab her now before she escapes with my underwear and tells everybody that I wear black underwear. "

Tommy: "You can't escape Amelia! "

Amelia: "YES! Come Tommy! Come and grab me now! I want to feel your strong arm around me... "

Tommy: "Eeek! Nevermind..."

Suddenly, Maggie snapped out of her PMS (?) and grabbed the black underwear.

FoodKing: Hey! YOU!! Give me back!!
Maggie: No I'm gonna get revenge!!
FoodKing: ???

Meanwhile, Tommy was chasing Amelia (or was it the other way round??
Suddenly, Maggie sprang forward and covered amelia's head with the underwear ^^


Amelia fainted.

Oh!!!!!!!!! Tommy received a threatening call that Fruit Maggie will die!! there only one person that could help .....COWBOY MAGGIE so Tommy rang her... CM (cowboy Maggie) then went into the Hospital pulled Amelia curse of PMS then she was saved,together the tree trio put a stop to the evil creepy Grand high witch Ameliano (Amelia for short) who has put a magic into everyone dish in Restaurant city!! which turns them into frogs or mice or lizards!! Ameliano and her other witches on planet earth put on their beautiful disguise and went into the banquet hall...........meanwhile One of the witches who went into the kitchen.. Tommy grabbed Cm rope hit her and the bottle of magic went into the Witches soup!! luckily Fruit Queen Maggie used her frutti powers and turned that witch into a bouncing banana........Ameliano freaked out and killed her (LOL!) ......Waiter -* SOUP FOR THE LADIES (witches) HAVE ARRIVED* he pour the soup unaware that the potion in the soup ahah!!! then.......Tommy,CM,Fruit queen looked behind curtains and told everyone that Beautiful Ameliano is infact the Grand High Witch!! then all the witches burped,farted,twirled around,gagged,laughed,snorted,sniffed,coughed,shri eked,shouted in agony as their all turned into little meslies........... meanwhile Fruit queen then used her powers,CM used her guns,Tommy used knives and killed all off them....Ameliano sense their intentions to kill her......... shot laser beams and killed CM then Tommy... chucked a knive... pierced her and the disguises came off..Ameliano had no hair,long nose,extremely sharp nails,long hands then Fruit queen said *MOST DISGUSTING CHEF,APPALLING ENEMY OF RC,EVILLEST GUIDE FOR THE NEWBIES...........u should deserve what u have!! then she shot orange beams and killed her... all is left is the cloak... seven months later Fruit queen and Tommy had a wedding as well as a funeral for CM ........... she was their goddess...........then Tommy redecorated his house into a rich restaurant and became the savior of RC

The end ...



Oh my god! This story still cracks me up! LOL! crazy

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith
Welcoming Committee
Welcoming Committee

heheheh Very Happy



Where is your good friend Markus? Does he know about this forum?

Tommy Smith

Tommy Smith
Welcoming Committee
Welcoming Committee

Oh yes!! Where did my best friend go?? I'll invite him.

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