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Hello Lewisca here. Welcome to Restaurant City Ghost Town.

Hello Cooks! Welcome to RC Ghost town.

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Hi, it's Raven!

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1 Hi, it's Raven! on Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:02 am

Raven Kelly

Larvae Cook
Larvae Cook
Hello, everybody! I see a lot of familiar names on the memberlist. Hi, Silver Falcon, fungi, Olivia, other old friends! Razz

I signed up too late last night to post a message and was busy all day working on posting pictures and critiques from the finale of Project Runway at the reality forums I'm active at (Fans of Reality TV and Reality TV Planet).

I love having a forum I can visit while I'm at work! Maybe I can get back into restaurant reviews. I hope we get some new designers who need help. Most of the people here are accomplished designers who could teach me a thing or two about designing!

I'm happy to be here. Crossing my fingers that this place stays active. Very Happy

BTW, my real name is Tricia Kiser. Some people already know that, especially if they've added me as a Facebook friend. You can still call me Raven, though. I'll know you're talking to me!


2 Re: Hi, it's Raven! on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:58 pm


Sorry, Raven. You were right. I should not have created this forum. It is very inactive now like a ghost town. I even changed the title to RC Ghost Town. Haha...


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