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RC Medical Center

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1RC Medical Center Empty RC Medical Center on Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:36 pm


Welcome to RCMC

RC Medical Center 418441_245203042232890_100002295879490_524712_895008831_n

Here's the side entrance.
RC Medical Center 431001_245202502232944_100002295879490_524707_653047273_n

Here's the cafeteria.
RC Medical Center 429464_245202745566253_100002295879490_524710_112519853_n

Live news broadcast.
RC Medical Center 424515_245200728899788_100002295879490_524696_509779537_n

Main entrance.
RC Medical Center 429814_245202928899568_100002295879490_524711_1443248592_n

Old patient viewing the peaceful sea.
RC Medical Center 424954_245201082233086_100002295879490_524698_2082868332_n

Roof top with flowers.
RC Medical Center 423146_245201365566391_100002295879490_524699_931701470_n

RC Medical Center 422620_245202192232975_100002295879490_524705_1493355198_n

RC Medical Center 427384_245201655566362_100002295879490_524701_1677942859_n

RC Medical Center 417647_245201868899674_100002295879490_524703_233028225_n

RC Medical Center 429049_245202025566325_100002295879490_524704_449108702_n

Thank you for visiting RCMC. love Bye bye.

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2RC Medical Center Empty Re: RC Medical Center on Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:27 pm

Firegold Flames 2

Firegold Flames 2
Fish Egg Cook
Fish Egg Cook
look like a hospital well done


Said NO TO RC Closure

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