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How many stars to give a restaurant?

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1How many stars to give a restaurant? Empty How many stars to give a restaurant? on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:27 pm


How many stars to give a restaurant? Rate-a-restaurant

I know how you just hate to rate crappy restaurants 5★ because you are forced to do it just to pass a challenge so this is just a survey to find out how you rate a restaurant as outstanding, excellent, good, average or okay. All your feedbacks will be collected and will be summarized once everybody agreed on the same idea. I will post the result here in the same thread. Hopefully all this will be

The results so far…

For 1 ★ restaurant:
* Very basic with no attempt to brightened up the place.
* Empty, not decorated inside and outside.
* Still has orignal tables from the start.
* Under level 10 that only have few cheap tables, chairs, with basic stoves.
* All the items do not match each other.
* Inactive with rubbish all over the place.

For 2 ★ restaurant:
* Has some essential item like chairs, table etc.
* Player has shown some early attempt to decorate.
* Outside is not decorated.
* Out side decorated, inside a square of tables around the cookers.
* Bigger restaurant, better tables, stoves and some coloured floor tile with decorations.
* Inactive with rubbish all over the place.

For 3 ★restaurant:
* Good outside layout.
* Moderate job in decorating and attempts to integrate functionality.
* Too much stuff on the outside inside and still has the square table layout after level 70!
* Even bigger restaurant, more expensive tables, chairs and stoves with faster work (the one with the green '?' mark) and added some more expensive deco and have color combination.

For 4 ★restaurant:
* The place is decorated but with old or new items from weekly themes.
* Good layout and functionality.
* Neat and tidy.
* Colour coordination / theme.
* Really nice outside and inside. Looks like a restaurant or has a theme plus funtionality.
* 9 staffs or more with special theme just like Maggie's and 18x18 restaurant.

For 5 ★restaurant:
* Must have a “Wow” factor and makes visitor stays longer.
* Use of illusion with great colour combinations.

How many stars to give a restaurant? CM-signature

2How many stars to give a restaurant? Empty Re: How many stars to give a restaurant? on Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:46 pm

Firegold Flames 2

Firegold Flames 2
Fish Egg Cook
Fish Egg Cook
nice thread - i will briefly mentioned what i said before
(Noted: this been record before)

Rating 1 :

RC is empty,not enough decor ,inactive

Rating 2

inactive and not fully decorated

rating 3

average in decorating

rating 4

neat & tidy , colour schemes and etc

rating 5

The beauty and experience you see in the gallery

(noted : this is a repeated speech as said in the other sites).

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