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Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC

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1 Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:52 pm


Dear to our friend Lewisca, in here at this forum, we can all show our love to the game and post our layouts so that they can stay for ever and ever Laughing

First time posting in the gallery:
Taste Trap (the French Way): Very Happy

Taste Trap in the 70's!:
Ok this one had a consept. To continue the chain of successful restaurants with the same name! Something like Sturbacks, Kentaky fries Chicken etc laugh

Taste Trap in London Town:
I had an obsession that time to name each of my restaurant with the same main name (taste trap!!! duh) And I was so full not to take the pictures of int and ext at the same part of the day!mad

Anyway... here we continue...

First posting design to win competitions...rolleyes
PF Dracula's competition!
The Golden Era: be continued...

2 Re: Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:53 pm


FishVille in RC
Ok You know me now! I'm from Greece. A well known country of its small islands and harbours!

[URL=""]Real Axilleion[/URL] has nothing to do with this bad design

New York SkyScrapers!
My 2nd attempt of creating buildings...

Red and Black Bar
Another design I didn't like... It has a theme if I remember correct! The bar. For pf dracula's contest again.

A wedding proposal
Pf Dracula's winary design. First time earning something LOL!

Bull and Tapas:
I loved this one. Really dissapointed then not win ROTW!

The secret of the Brokerback mountain:
I just wanted to intrigue you with this thread-label.

Al tatrufo:
My italian working restaurant! be continued...

3 Re: Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:54 pm


Club Mediterranee!:
ROTW-Silver Metal-March Week 4 - my first winning layout


The station Cafe-New Generation Train:
ROTW-Silver Metal-April Week 2
I love that metal feeling that comes out of this layout!

RC Maze:
ROTW-Special category-May Week 2
You did have to find your way out of this. Not difficult!

Evexia Spa:
I liked this one too. It really worked and I wish I could have a place like this to visit every day when I return back from work.

ROTM-Silver Metal-June Week 1
[URL=""]Click here for the explanation of the word Academia[/URL]

My (wanna have) big-big house:
ROTM-Gold Metal-June Week 2
This one have been voted with lots of points back then...It took me by surprise!

Archeo - Life in Ancient Greece:
That theme with ancient and modern Greece really took my heart and my real money! xaxaxaxa....

Neo - Life nowdays in Greece
ROTM-Gold Metal-June Week 4
My favourite design ever! be continued...

4 Re: Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:56 pm


Happy Holidays:
ROTM-Bronze Metal-July Week 1+2
Posted few days before going on vacations!

The Fortess Cafe:
First entry for Benla's Competition! It was inspired (again) by the fortress of Corfu. see pictures [URL=""]here[/URL]

The P & P - Shopping Mall
Second Entry for Benla's competition.

The Wildlife Hospital:
ROTM-5th Place-August 2011
Animals! I love animals!

The Scotland Yard:
I remind you that you really had to find a murderer on this!LOL!

Red Red Wine:
ROTM-Bronze Metal-September 2011
My 2nd favourite layout! Inpired by my friend

Pontikonhsi-Panagia Vlaxerna:
Dawny's contest-Famous Landmark-1st Entry

Knossos Palace:
Dawny's contest-Famous Landmark-2nd Entry
I'm a greek from top to the bottom! LOL! again! be continued...

5 Re: Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:57 pm


Just Enjoy:
Dawny's Competition-Winter wonderland-1st Entry

The Purple Castle:
Dawny's Competition-Winter wonderland-1st Entry
Sorry for being bored to post here the imgs without the photoshop border. Niah-niah!

Red Hood Maggie:
ROTM-4th Place-Octomber 2011
There is a [URL=""]story[/URL] behind this...

End of story Red Hood Maggie:
I couldn't leave you wontering what finally happened to Red hood...

A very Strange Place:
I dont think you liked this very much :(

Arctic View Hotel:
ROTM-Bronze Metal-December 2011
My 3rd favourite layout. brrrrr...its gold in here...

Babylon-Hanging Gardens:
Markus Contest...Flowers, trees,plants...soooo green

New Year's Eve in Madrid-Spain
a hamble reconstrunction of my own design dor New Year's celebration! be continued...

6 Re: Pcv106's Portfolio - Athena of RC on Sun May 06, 2012 3:59 pm


Black and Blue-Taste and Relax
ROTM-Bronze Metal-January 2012
Classic restaurant with old and recycled items. LOL!

ViseVersa Zoo:
Animals again, in another way!

Gold Pineapple - Far away cazino:
Last but not Least :p


RC Monastery:
In God we trust! Inspired by Orthodox Pascha


Puss in Boots!
A lovely fairy tale and my latest diamond. First time posting in here!


...Hoping to continue for more layouts until 29 of June Evil or Very Mad

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